Historia o dwóch takich co się wybrali Silnym do stolycy na koncert Unkle i w odwiedziny do Opatowego przybytku, w połowie września mijającego roku :) Powiem tylko, że maluch potrafi też zapierdalać ;> Kilka strzałów z mega pozytywnyego tripu :))



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You know that I have a daughter w/OCD it has cmoeunsd my life, her life, everyone in the family's lives Now she is going off to college and she will be living it & fighting it on her own. Her OCD was the sun around which my life revolved for about 10 years, figuring out what I could do to help it, to fix it, alleviate any & all stress in her life, on & on, and of course the 3x/wk doc therapy visits And after those 10 years of struggling, she is in the exact same place today that she was on day one. Why? Because in spite of all of my efforts and the efforts of several therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, only SHE is the one who can actually utilize the tools that she's been given, make the choices that are best for her & implement the necessary changes. And she's not been willing to do that. Will she or won't she, that is the question, and it is no longer anything to do with me. That is such a huge relief.OCDs will always be there, they can be managed, environment is key, changing habits (the bad ones!), but you probably know all of that. I hope that my daughter will come to the realization sooner than you did though!Some days it's one step forward two steps back, but that's okay cuz tomorrow is another day to start again.I don't have an OCD, but I have heaps of imperfections that do not have a medical diagnostic code or name, same boat as everyone else. Some flaws are meant to be embraced, some need to be actively worked on. Some days it's just too much bother to work on self-improvement. Along w/not seeking perfection, I think that a good therapist can be a long-term positive eventually talk moves from reiterating the behaviour modification tools (that have been covered over & over) to okay, we've done that to death, let's talk about other, equally important, things You know I'll be here on the sidelines cheering successes small & large. Hip hip hooray on the I Spy challenge success!

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hehehehe rubo i tusto :D

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Silny zadupio! Pozytywne foty